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OzSky Star Safari - Southern Skies Showcase

The following list contains a selection of some of our favourite "eye candy" objects which are frequently showcased at the OzSky Star Safaris.

This growing new list is still being developed, one object at a time, so watch this space as more showcase objects are added over the following months.

Over time, we will update these showcase objects with a variety of observing notes.

Southern Skies Showcase Highlights

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OzSky "Alumni" Star Safari (read more...)

Can't make it to the "Classic" OzSky Star Safari in March/April? - Or have you already been to several "Classic" OzSky Star Safaris and you're now looking for a different time of year to explore the other half of the Southern night skies?

Why not consider an OzSky "Alumni" Star Safari for your next observing trip!

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