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OzSky Trip Overview

The Trip at a Glance

The OzSky "Classic" Star Safari
- Date: March 23 - 30, 2025
- Location: Coonabarabran, NSW, Australia
- Group Size: Maximum 36 Observers / Couples

OzSky "Alumni" Star Safari
- Date: September 30 - October 7, 2024
- Location: Southern Tablelands, NSW, Australia
- Group Size: Maximum 12-16 Observers / Couples

OzSky Objective

It is our aim to provide the means for a traveler from the northern hemisphere to experience the grandeur of the southern night skies without the need to transport their own telescope across the Pacific, while at the same time experiencing the culture and surrounding natural habitat of Australia.

Our Goal
The dream of most amateur astronomers is to expand their experience of the celestial sphere but to do so with a reasonable degree of aperture. We first initiated the facilitation of these observing journeys in 1993 (the first event was called "Operation Pacific Storm"), but we were limited by the number of big telescopes we had available to us. For the first 10 years or so, we used 10" and 14" home-made dobsonians as well as a 20" ƒ/5 Obsession as our primary instruments and these were usually sufficient for groups of up to a dozen or so observers.

However, through our partnership with Three Rivers Foundation (3RF), we have been able to expand participation to a greater number of observers by virtue of a large contingent of first class, sizeable telescopes (up to 25" diameter) and other observing equipment provided for use at these events. The trips are additionally enhanced by the Australian volunteers from 3RF Australia who enhance the viewing experience with their knowledge of the southern constellations and observing targets.

NOTE: These are NOT structured tours. Individuals are responsible for booking their own travel and transportation as well as any accommodations in Sydney before and after the OzSky Star Safaris. The intent is to maintain the maximum flexibility for each traveler in setting up his or her own arrangements. We coordinate the observing site, telescopes and equipment logistics, as well as organizing tentative bookings for the on-site accommodation. For participants registering after all the on-site rooms have been filled, there are a number of hotels and motels in the nearby town of Coonabarabran, only 10 minutes' drive from the observing site.

Optional side trips are often organized for those wishing to visit nearby professional astronomy facilities and to meet some of the local populace. A variety of tour and activity suggestions are also offered for the several days in Sydney preceding our journey to the observing site. This permits travelers an opportunity to acclimate to the new time zone, meet their traveling companions, and gain a taste for Australia’s most popular city prior to the observing week.

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Our Sponsors and Prize Donors
In recent years, we have been approached by a number of vendors offering to donate door prizes to participants of the OzSky Star Safaris. We are grateful to have received sponsorship and door prizes from the following sponsors and donors:

OzSky "Alumni" Star Safari (read more...)

Can't make it to the "Classic" OzSky Star Safari in March/April? Or have you already been to several "Classic" OzSky Star Safaris and you are now looking for a different time of year to explore the other half of the Southern night skies?

Why not consider an OzSky "Alumni" Star Safari instead, for your next observing trip!